My Maternal 19th. Great Grandfather, Angus Mor MacDonald, 5th. Lord of the Western Isles

islay, argyllshire, scotland

Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland

Angus Mor MacDonald, 5th. Lord of the Western Isles

Just east of Strontian the A884 leads south through the bleak, desolate landscape of Morvern to the tiny remote community of Lochaline on the Sound of Mull, Argyll, Scotland

Just east of Strontian the A884 leads south through the bleak, desolate landscape of Morvern to the tiny remote community of Lochaline on the Sound of Mull, Argyll, Scotland

Birth: 1239 in Morven, Argyll, Scotland

Marriage: about 1257 in Argyll, Scotland to Helen Campbell, daughter of Sir Colin Campbell. 

Children: Mora, Donald, Alexander Og,  Mary, Ian Sprangach, Angus Og, Alastair Og, John, and Duncan MacDonald



Lord van de Eilanden Angus Og MacDonald, Lord of Islay

Angus Og MacDonald

He was the son of Aonghas Mór MacDomhnaill and a daughter of Cailean Mór, and a grandson of Domhnall mac Raghnaill the eponymous founder of Clan Donald, who in turn was a grandson of Somerled.
Prior to 1306, Aonghas was with his elder brother Alasdair Óg, then the Lord of Islay, by being partisan to the Baliol party, the elder brother being attached to that faction by virtue of his marriage to a daughter of Alexander of Argyll, chief of Clan MacDougall.
When Robert the Bruce went on the run after the Battle of Methven, he eventually ended up in Kintyre following his defeat at the hands of John of Lorne in the Battle of Dalrigh.
Aonghas the lord there, and an enemy of Argyll and Lorn, hospitably received the Bruce into his stronghold of Dunaverty Castle, in August 1306. For greater security Aonghas had Bruce transported to Rathlin Island, where Bruce was sheltered by Hugh Byset, lord of the island. Aonghas assisted in the 1307 attack upon Carrick, when the king had landed in his patrimonial district.
When having established his power, King Robert granted Aonghas large fiefdoms: for example, both his elder brother’s holdings, including the island of Islay, and much of the holdings of the MacDougalls. This was an important step in the rise of Clan Donald (a junior branch from king Somhairle mac Gillebride) at the expense of Clan MacDougall (who were the senior agnatic heirs of king Somhairle). Alasdair Óg had to surrender to king Robert, and he was kept imprisoned in Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire, where he died in 1308. His whole possessions were forfeited and given to his younger brother, Aonghas.
Aonghas fought, with a contingent of Isles warriors, at the Battle of Bannockburn in support of the Bruce. In recognition of Clan Donald’s support King Robert proclaimed that Clan Donald would always occupy the honoured position on the right wing of the Scottish army. As territorial rewards, the king bestowed upon Aonghas the lordship of Lochaber (which had belonged to the Comyns), with the lands of Durrour and Glencoe, and the islands of Mull, Jura, Coll Tiree, etc., from the patrimony of the chiefs of MacDougall.

Dunyvaig Castle The Finlaggan Castle, Scotland

Dunyvaig Castle The Finlaggan, Islay, Argyll, Scotland

Aonghas Óg died in 1330 at Finlaggan Castle on Islay and was buried on Iona.” –
“He was styled as Lord of the Isles.

1 Angus ‘Oig’ Macdonald, Lord of the Isles also went by the nick-name of Angus ‘Oig’ (or in English, ‘the Younger’). 1 ‘The Lesser.

2′ He fought in the Battle of Bannockburn on 24 June 1314, where he commanded holders”

Clan MacDonald of the Isles, Scotland

My Maternal 13th. Great Grandmother, Margaret MacDonald MacLean, Scotland

islay, argyllshire, scotlandargyllshire, scotland

Argyllshire, Scotland


MacDonald of the Isles Tartan

Margaret MacDonald MacLean, daughter of Sir Alexander Carragh MacDonald and Catherine Graham

Born: about 1480 in Argyllshire, Scotland

Married: about 1520 in Argyllshire, Scotland

Died: before 1580 in Argyllshire, Scotland

1497–1568 • K86G-LMN 
1480–1580 • 4TDX-PMT

Marriage: about 1520 Scotland, United Kingdom


Children (14)
 Giles Julian Maclean 1521–1569 • L5T8-LNC
 Mary MacLean 1524–Deceased • 9S13-PZL
 Janet MacLean 1526–1573 • 9WWF-BL1
 Mary MacLean 1527–1569 • L8JP-BJ1
Maclean 1527–Deceased • M3FT-BFK
1530–1575 • LVPX-Q3M 
Catherine MacLean 1530–Deceased • LR5M-ZCT 
Una MacLean 1530–Deceased • 9S13-P81 
Marian MacLean 1533–Deceased • KCH1-5NN 
Patrick MacLean 1533–Deceased • MR46-5BY 
Norman McLaren MacLean 1535–Deceased • L2BX-C2R
Robert Murray MacLean 1537–Deceased • LRPD-MNG 
Jennette Maclean 1541–Deceased • LHXJ-L9R 
Unknown Deceased • LRTM-C4N
islay, argyllshire, scotland
Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland